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Why Do COB LEDs Matter?

Apr. 12, 2021

What are Chip-on-Board ("COB") LEDs?

Chip-on-Board or "COB" refers to the mounting of exposed LED chips into direct contact with a substrate (e.g. silicon carbide or sapphire) to produce an array of LEDs. COB LEDs offer many advantages over older LED technologies, such as surface mount device ("SMD") LEDs or double in-line package ("DIP") LEDs. Most notably, COB technology allows LED arrays to have a higher package density, or what light engineers call increased "lumen density". For example, using COB LED technology on a 10mm x 10mm square array increases the number of LEDs by a factor of 38 compared to DIP LED technology and by a factor of 8.5 compared to SMD LED technology. This results in higher intensity and greater light uniformity. Alternatively, the use of COB LED technology can significantly reduce the footprint and energy consumption of the LED array while maintaining constant light output. For example, a 500 lumen COB LED array can be many times smaller than a 500 lumen SMD or DIP LED array and consume much less energy.

Another major advantage of using COB LED technology is that, regardless of the number of diodes, there is only 1 circuit and 2 contacts for the entire COB chip of the COB device. This single circuit design simplifies the work of the remaining LED devices, regardless of the number of diodes on the chip.

The advantages of chip-on-board LED arrays to include

High Reliability and Stability,High intensity, especially at close range

Pure gold wire 99.99% bonding chips in a circular array

High-quality mirror surface aluminium substrate applied

Excellent thermal performance for longer life, stability and reliability

Strict chip selection to maintain colour consistency (MacAdam 3 or 5 step or customer-defined X Y coordinates range)

LM-80, RoHS, EN62471/IEC62471 Approved (light Decay less than 3% @ 6000 hours 85°C)

    COB LEDs

Why are COB LEDs so important when using battery power?

When designing a battery-powered lighting system, there is always a trade-off between high-quality lumen output (i.e. brightness) and runtime via battery operation. Historically, the higher the required high-quality brightness, the shorter the run time (assuming you are using the same size battery). However, with the latest developments in COB LED technology, this trade-off is no longer an issue. For the first time, COB LEDs with very low power can output extremely high quality, ultra-bright light. As a result, relatively small and lightweight lithium-ion battery packs can power COB LED-based lighting systems for a very long time. 

Flexible Application of COB LEDs

Industry Standard Size Chip-on-Board package provides utmost flexibility to both indoor and outdoor applications.

Premium commercial lighting, Industrial lighting, residential lighting, special lighting (horticulture, studio lighting) etc.

Great COB LED Chip or downlights, track lights, spotlight, floodlight, high bay light, low bay light, street light, solar street light, yard lights, garden lights, underwater lights, lighthouse, par light, projector light, the image light, etc.

PS: Spare parts like holder (quick connector), reflector, lens kits are available.