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Who Is Better for Incandescent Lights, Energy-Saving Lights and LED Lights?

Jun. 23, 2020

At present, there are mainly three kinds of lights used in the market: incandescent lights (halogen lights), energy-saving lights, and LED lights. The advantages and disadvantages of these three lights are not the same. 40w LED chip factory shares with you.

Color rendering index: The color rendering index refers to the color rendering ability of the light source to the object. It is generally referred to as sunlight, and its color rendering index is 100. The higher the color rendering index of the light source, the closer the color reproduction ability is to sunlight. Under this light source, the more we look at other objects, the more we can feel its natural color.

Color temperature: The color temperature of the light source is generally the color temperature of the light source. You can simply judge the color temperature level and color temperature level by the following figure. You can also refer to it when choosing lights.

Stroboscopic: Stroboscopic refers to the flicker of the light source. In fact, the current mainstream energy-saving lights and LED lights basically avoid the problem of stroboscopic, so don't worry too much.

Incandescent lights: The advantages and disadvantages are also outstanding.

Although the incandescent light is a little yellow (low temperature), as an artificial light source closest to the sun, it will not be affected. The color rendering effect of incandescent lights is very good, it can restore the true color of objects very well, and it is very close to the color rendering effect of sunlight.

Secondly, incandescent lights emit light by heat, and the filament has certain inertia after the light is reflected, so the stroboscopic problem is very light, and it will not attract attention when the power grid is stable.

However, the electric conversion efficiency of the incandescent light is low, the power consumption is large, and the service life is short. Although the upgraded halogen light improves life problems, it still cannot be compared with the following two players.

Although incandescent lights have been phased out, but do not mind their shortcomings, incandescent lights are still very good reading lights. It is recommended to buy a halogen light with a thick filament and a tungsten-halogen cycle, which can further reduce stroboscopically. It is worth noting that the point light source is easy to make the brightness of the foreground and background greatly different, so the incandescent light should not be used alone, and the brightness of the surrounding environment should not be too low.

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Advantages: the color rendering effect is the best. It is closest to the sun and does not flicker

Disadvantages: electricity, heat, short life, point light source

Eye protection index: better

Energy-saving lights: high-cost performance, hard color temperature

The energy-saving light here refers specifically to the compact fluorescent light of the energy-saving light (some of the energy-saving lights in the search keywords are LED light sources). Due to the afterglow effect, the phosphor of compact fluorescent lights can also be ignored and will not irritate the eyes. Moreover, it has high photoelectric conversion efficiency, much more energy-saving than incandescent lights, and long life.

However, the color rendering of compact fluorescent lights is relatively poor, and products using three-primary phosphors will be better, but the color temperature of such lights is often only 2700K and 6500K, which is either too yellow or too cold, which is not suitable for reading. In addition, it is also full of mercury vapor. It's a bit dangerous if it breaks. If children use it, safety may be high. You should pay attention to it.

Advantages: no strobe, energy saving, longer life than incandescent light

Disadvantages: security is slightly worse, color rendering is general

Eye protection index: poor

LED lights: expensive, but the best experience is selected

The advantages of LED lights can be said to be many: small size, very energy-saving, and long life. In theory, it can also eliminate the stroboscopic phenomenon, and the LED spectrum is continuous, high-quality products can be very good. Color rendering index (above 95).

In summary, if you need high color rendering and you don’t mind the life of electricity, then incandescent lights, especially halogen lights, will be a good choice. But from an environmental point of view, high-quality LED lights will be better. Although energy-saving lights are cost-effective, they are not recommended as eye protection lights.

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