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When Buying LED lights, Should We Choose COB or SMD?

Jan. 09, 2021

When shopping for LED light source products, you often encounter the question of whether to buy SMD (surface mount device) or COB (chip on board) products. What exactly is the difference between them? It should be said that COB in luminous efficiency and heat dissipation, to better than smd SMD. But it is said that LED is not heat light source, why do you still need heat dissipation?

Indeed, when we touch the LED lights, is not hot fingers. But this does not mean that led lights do not heat, in fact, led light source of heat are concentrated in the back of the LED chip, so the part can not overheat is necessary, so the chip heat dissipation good or bad also becomes an important part of the chip to protect the good work. It is also because of the heat dissipation characteristics of cob, so that it can be longer than smd life, can be more suitable than smd in a long time to light the environment work. But SMD also has many features that COB can not be replaced at present.

COB main features

- High luminous flux quality, which can be twice as high as smd, reaching 120lm per watt.

- Light angle up to 160 degrees.

- The light intensity is so high that there is no need to reduce the light angle at all.

- No special circuit stability requirements.

- Multi-directional light source reduces the possibility of glare

- Can withstand power fluctuations without affecting the quality of the light source


SMD features

- Luminous flux quality of 60-70lm per watt.

- because of multiple SMDs, the entire light source product continues to work despite damage to one led sheet.

- Can be manufactured in a wider variety of colors. For RGB mode, up to 16 million color mixes can be developed with tri-basic LEDs.

- high color rendering, the better the color reproduction of the illuminated object surface.

- Because smd is composed of multiple patches, so the light angle can reach 360º

- Good shock resistance.

- Unidirectional light source, suitable for home use.

Understanding the different characteristics of smd and cob, applied to the right place, will best play the lighting function of light source products.


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