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What Colour Light Is Best for Plants

Sep. 06, 2021

If you grow plants from seed, you'll most likely need to use a grow light to get the plants started. Grow lights have come a long way in recent years, from bulky and loud lights to slim, silent LED lights. In this article, we'll discuss What Color Light Do Plants Grow Best In?

While these lights were chosen with growing seeds in mind, they will also work well for growing almost any sunlight-loving plant. Think tomatoes, other veggies, herbs, and even decorative shrubs and flowers.

We have experimented with several grow light setups and have chosen a variety of great options depending on your situation. We'll cover all color lighting for small setups, all the way to more powerful lights for growing many plants. On its own, violet light has a limited effect on plant growth, but it is very useful when combined with red and blue light. The addition of violet light enhances the color, taste, and smell of plants.


 COB Led Plant Grow Lights


Blue is the most important light for plant growth because it is readily absorbed by chlorophyll and converted into energy through photosynthesis. That said, blue light on its own is not nearly as effective as blue combined with red. And you want far more red than blue light.


Plants appear green, because chlorophyll does not absorb much green light, like it does other colors, and instead reflects it back at us. Based on this, it is easy to assume that plants do not make use of green light for photosynthesis. The truth is, most simply rewrite something they read elsewhere, without actually knowing anything about, or doing any real research on, the topic themselves.


Plants make the least use of yellow light, but they do use it as well. Give them some, but they won't need much.


The orange light is used as a red light. It is not the ideal wavelength that a darker red is, but it is still absorbed like red. You want to provide some orange light, but more light that is a darker red than orange.

What colour lights is Best for Plants?

Red is the second most important wavelength of plant growing light for plants. On its own, red is actually not all that effective, but when combined with blue, it becomes incredibly important. In fact, you want far more red than you do blue, especially during the flowering stages of growth. Adding red light leads to stronger growth with more leaves during vegging and far better fruit and bloom production during flowering. Not only do you get higher yields, but also higher quality yields.

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