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Why Use Led Street Lights In Winter?

Nov. 18, 2019

In winter, cold temperatures, gusts and snow showers sweep through many places. Under snowy conditions, it is not easy to deal with road problems, and security issues are real. Industrial COB LED chip supplier share with you the lighting problems of roads in cold weather.

Improve the safety of drivers and pedestrians

Modern lighting technology is improving the safety of drivers and pedestrians on winter roads.

Traditional high-pressure sodium lighting produces a lower color rendering index (CRI < 25) and can distort the driving environment, while solid-state broad-spectrum illumination provides a higher color rendering index (CRI > 70) and better field of view.

Solid-state broad-spectrum illumination uses products with higher color temperatures (CCT typically 3,000K to 6,000K) and color rendering index (CRI > 70); solid-state broad-spectrum illumination improves road visibility and objects compared to high-pressure sodium sources Detection. Light sources with low color rendering index may "distort" the environment.

Compared with the traditional HID lamp technology, such as the 2000K CCT high-pressure sodium lamp, vehicle and pedestrian detection can be improved under the broad-spectrum illumination of 4,000K color temperature.

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LED and cooler climate

LED is ideal for road lighting in areas where snow often falls.

The LED system is designed with appropriate horizontal and light curtain brightness to provide excellent object detection and contrast for drivers in snow conditions, and the reflection of light scattered on snow-covered roads to increase ambient brightness and illuminate the road.

A common question is whether LEDs are the ideal choice for traffic and street lights because they can't melt the snow?

Road lighting is usually a horizontally oriented optical system, resistant to snow and ice, and if the lighting is properly designed, interference is hardly a problem.

There are similar problems with lighting in parking lots and other outdoor spaces. Parking lots and roads usually remove snow, but due to the reflective nature of the white surface, the ambient light level increases. LEDs can be adjusted to these brightnesses to provide a safer environment for pedestrians and drivers.

In the worst months of the year, LEDs are an excellent choice for improving visibility and keeping the road safe. When the bad weather in winter comes, strong lighting design and proper color temperatures create the best conditions for the road.

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