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The Integration of the LED Module and curtain Wall Glass

Feb. 18, 2021

With a history of 1600 years of navigation, the Straits of Malacca is a calm and romantic sea, which was once a major traffic route where the civilizations of the East and West met and collided, and was also a necessary place for the Chinese Maritime Silk Road.

The Malacca Theatre is an oriental building with great energy behind its calm and dignified waves. It has the simplest of geometric forms, yet it is unpredictable at every second. Spring, summer, autumn and winter, with the alternation of weather and scenarios, the boundaries, forms, meanings and colours of the building are graceful and colourful. It breaks through many architectural design ideas and is a conceptual innovation that gives the building its own vitality.

 High Power Intensity LED Module

The outer skin of the building is made up of a double skin, a sandwich box with a white exterior and a blue interior. The blue colour signifies the sea and corresponds to the indigo tones of Chinese celadon and old Malacca buildings. The inner surface of the building is a blue painted wall, while the outer surface is mainly made up of a combination of more than 5,000 white scales of diamond-shaped metal and aluminium plates. The top recessed arcs are wrapped by more than 12,000 pieces of the shaped curved glass curtain wall of 1,800 square meters, which can reflect the surrounding environment as well as create its own weather with the help of LED changes.

The innovative application of LED screen has become one of the innovations of this project. After continuous research and experimentation by the architects, curtain wall consultants and material suppliers, the LED module and curtain wall glass were finally formed into a unit module, and the giant LED display was finally formed in the way of assembling, and the LED screen also became part of the building form, with the flashing of LED, the expression of the building changed dramatically, which creatively extended the use and display of various building materials.

After five years of creation, design and construction on the shores of Malacca City, the world premiere of the world-class situational experience - See Malacca Again - was finally presented by renowned director Wang Chaoge on July 18. Since then, See You Again Melaka Performance and Theatre has become the new coordinates of modern art in the Straits of Melaka.

The architecture of the Melaka Theatre is a fusion of white clouds and the sea, the active and the quiet, the East and the West. It is both a breakthrough in general design concepts and another leap beyond the spectacular performances. It will become the embodiment of Melaka City, standing by the Straits of Melaka, witnessing yet another melding and symbiosis of Chinese and Malaysian cultures in a new era.

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