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The Difference between LED Lights: COB and SMD

Sep. 20, 2021

LED lights are constantly being improved to bring about better use, greater versatility, and more efficient use of electricity. Compared to conventional incandescent lamps, the different models of LED lights are very popular, mainly because they last approximately 25 times longer and use less energy.


SMD vs COB: What is an SMD?

SMD or "surface mount device" LEDs are the most common type of LED on the market. LED chips are permanently fused to a printed circuit board and are popular for their versatility. You can find it in light bulbs and light strings, and even in notification lights on mobile phones.


SMD LED chips are available in a variety of sizes. SMD LEDs can accommodate chips with complex designs, such as the 5mm wide SMD 5050. SMD 3528, on the other hand, is 3.5 mm wide. SMD chips are small and almost approach the design of a flat square computer chip.

SMD Chips

 SMD Chips

One of the distinctive features of SMD LED chips is the number of contacts and diodes they have. The SMD LED chip can have more than two contacts (which makes it different from the classic DIP LED). There can be up to 3 diodes on a single chip, each with a separate circuit. Each circuit has a cathode and an anode, resulting in 2, 4, or 6 contacts in the chip.


This configuration is the reason why SMD chips are more versatile (compare SMD with COB). The chip can include red, green, and blue diodes. With these three diodes, you can create almost any color by simply adjusting the output level. SMD chips are also very bright. They can produce 50 to 100 lumens per watt.


SMD vs COB: What is a COB?

One of the latest developments in LED, COB, or "chip-on-board" technology is a step towards more efficient energy use. Like SMDs, COP chips have multiple diodes on the same surface. But the difference between COB and SMD LEDs is that COB LEDs have more diodes.


COB chips usually have 9 or more diodes. COB chips also have only 1 circuit and 2 contacts, independent of the number of diodes. This simple circuit design is the reason why COB LED lights have a panel-like appearance (SMD lamps, on the other hand, look like a group of smaller lamps).

COB Chip

 COB Chip

Another aspect of the difference between COB and SMD LED lights is the use of energy, COBs are known for their better lumen to watt ratio and thermal efficiency. This has a lot to do with the design of the COB LED and the cooling ceramic substrate of the chip.


Previously, heavy-duty technology such as spotlights and floodlights made from LEDs was non-standard because you needed multiple LED light sources to produce this high lumen output. But now, COB chips can produce a large number of lumens with much less energy. You can find it in all sorts of bulbs and applications, such as the flash of a mobile phone or a dumb camera. It has a higher range, with a minimum of 80 lumens per watt.

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