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Three Stages Of The Development Of Lighting Sources

Jan. 02, 2020

At present, there are often people in the market holding halogen lamps like metal halide lamps and selling them on the market. Because the price is low, there are more people who buy them. Common problem. In this regard, some experts give end users a piece of advice. The cost of metal halide arc tubes has been above 20 yuan. If the price of metal halide lamps on the market is about 20 yuan or less, then these so-called Halogen lamps must be problematic. Commercial Lighting Cob Chip Supplier shares with you.

The development of lighting sources has gone through three stages:

1. The first stage: In 1879, Edison invented the first incandescent lamp (carbon filament incandescent lamp), and began the first revolution in human lighting technology. Incandescent lamps have a short service life and low light efficiency, but high color rendering.

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2. The second stage: The second-generation lighting source is a halogen lamp, which emits much higher light intensity than an incandescent lamp while reducing energy consumption by about one-third.

3. The third stage: Metal halide lamps (also known as metal halide lamps). Metal halide lamps are named after the bulbs are filled with metal halides. The basic structure and the principle of light emission are roughly similar to those of fluorescent lamps. The difference lies in an arc discharge. When it is turned on, it generates high heat. The metal halide sublimates into a vapor and directly emits visible light. It saves 80% to 90% of energy and belongs to the third generation of lighting sources.

Metal halide lamps are the third generation of green lighting sources that have emerged in the world after incandescent lamps and halogen lamps. With their high light efficiency, good color rendering, and long service life, they have become not only the first choice for high-end cars, rear-projection TVs and other light sources. , Can also be widely used in military, adventure, underwater operations, field search and rescue and other fields. Compared with ordinary incandescent or halogen lamps, metal halide lamps have an amazing energy-saving effect and a huge market space. At present, metal halide lamps have developed rapidly in developed countries in Europe and the United States, with a penetration rate of nearly 40%. However, of the 8 billion light bulbs produced in China last year, the proportion of metal halide lamps was less than 2%. Because the smaller the power, the higher the technical requirements, the current domestic production of metal halide lamps below 50W is still blank.

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