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What Are The Spectral Parameters Of LED Plant Lights?

Dec. 27, 2019

Commercial Lighting COB Chip Supplier shares with you.

1. Application classification of light

Vision application: used in lighting. The physical unit is the luminous flux obtained by weighting the spectral radiant power with the average visual effect function of the human eye.

Non-visual application: For animal, plant, medical, microbiological, identification, data transmission, and other applications, the physical unit is radiant power or optical quantum number.

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2. Photon energy

LED luminescence is a phenomenon of energy conversion. When electrons and holes recombine, the excess energy will emit light and generate photons. The shorter the wavelength, the higher the energy that generates photons. Photons are the smallest unit in the process of light transfer energy. It is this kind of energetic photon, and photosynthesis is driven by the photon energy packet, instead of the ordinary light energy effect. This is why plant photosynthesis requires photons to express.

3. The amount of radiation a plant needs each day

Many people are enthusiastic about researching the compensation point and saturation point of plant radiation to estimate how much PPFD should be used for plant lights. The range from compensation point to saturation point is large. The selection of light intensity of plant lights in this range has artificial randomness and compensation point The saturation point is only qualitative analysis. The quantification process must consider other environmental factors and cannot be mechanically understood.

In general, the compensation point and saturation point only appear in a certain period of time and are not constant. It is not scientific to set the PPFD with the compensation point and the saturation point. In our expert system of planting technology, we give the plants per square meter per day. The amount of radiation that is reasonably needed. This value is related to the cost and quality of planting. Our parameter is a reference to the planting process parameter DLI, which has been studied in agricultural science for a long time and has a theoretical basis.

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