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Precautions for Outdoor Lighting InstallationⅡ

Apr. 13, 2020

The number of installations: It is recommended that no more than four lamps be connected in parallel on the same branch to reduce voltage changes. Different phase to phase voltages can also cause color cast problems, such as special requirements for customer contrast and color rendering. It is recommended that customers choose HCI ceramic metal halide light source, supporting constant power metal halide lamp electronic ballast, the price is more expensive; Our company also sells track lights COB LED chip.

Buried lamp installation matters: The buried lamp is first installed with a pre-buried outer barrel. When installing the light source, it is necessary to use a toughened glass to press the waterproof silicone well and tighten the screws diagonally evenly. It cannot be installed on the square driveway. The conventionally produced HID buried lights reserve 0.5 meters of three-core cable. The external wiring uses a waterproof box. The waterproof rating requires IP67. The company does not ship with a waterproof box (which can be ordered from the company). The buried lamp must have 20CM The above water-repellent layer preferably has a water-repellent ditch; underwater light installation matters: the conventional production of underwater lights reserves 1 meter of three-core cable, the outer wiring uses a waterproof box, the waterproof rating requires IP68, and the company does not leave the factory Waterproof box (can be ordered separately from the company). For safety, underwater lights generally require transformers. The waterproof rating of the transformer is IP44, so the underwater light protection class is class III. The transformer must be installed on the bank of the pool, not on underwater;

Precautions for Outdoor Lighting InstallationⅡ

Pan (projection) light lamp installation matters: when installing the light source, the tempered glass is well pressed against the waterproof silica gel. The floodlight can adjust the angle according to the lighting design requirements. All the floodlights and buried Lamps and wall lamps must not be covered by obstructions. This distance is indicated on the product label. All lamps cannot be installed on the surface of combustibles (combustible surface refers to objects that can burn at 130 degrees);

Light source installation: HID light source and electrical appliances must match, must be well installed on the lamp holder, can not be installed with the free light source, the company's products are equipped with a pair of disposable film gloves in each set of lamps for the installation of the light source;

Matching of the light source and electrical appliances: A. Sodium lamps have no distinction between American and European standards; B, metal halide lamps below 150W do not distinguish between American and European standards, and use the same electrical components as sodium lamps; C, 250W and 400W metal halide lamps Sub-American standard and European standard, strictly according to the requirements of wiring and electric light source;

Installation of waterproof joints: All lamps with waterproof joints must be tightened. If necessary, glass glue or silicone should be applied to the inlet hole of the waterproof joint.

The above information is provided by a commercial lighting cob chip supplier.