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LED Commercial Lighting And Fixture Guide

Dec. 05, 2019

Supply your business with indoor and outdoor lighting supplies that fit your budget from Getian. We carry Mirror surface aluminum COB Chips for light poles and area lights designed for your parking lot lighting, driveway or outdoor storage facility. 

If you are unsure of what type of Diode COB LED Chip is best for your fixture, contact Getian, and one of our certified lighting specialists will be there to help you put together a layout that will fit your budget and optimize your workplace’s lighting effect. From flat panels and high bays, to exit signs and explosion proof fixtures, Getian MSA COB 1313 1919 2828 series provide wide Specications range for an extensive catalog of commercial lighting fixtures. Provide smooth, even light.

Diode COB LED Chip

Getian mirror surface aluminum COB providing superior lumen output with energy-efficient lighting. Increase the safety, security, and productivity of your building with LED lighting from Industrial COB LED Chip Supplier!

Diode COB LED Chip