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Is COB LED The Best ?

Oct. 13, 2021

What is COB LED?

COB LED  is chip-on-board LED.  LED has multiple diodes, each with its own chip to control it. COB refers to the process of placing a bare LED chip in direct contact with a substrate to form an array of LED.


What are the advantages of COB LED?

Compact due to small chip size

High intensity, especially in close proximity

High uniformity, even at very close working distances

Simple design, as only one circuit and two contacts are required

Excellent thermal performance for improved lifetime, stability and reliability




What is the difference between COB LED and Cree Light?

The chip is what powers and controls the LED diodes.COB LED is LED with a chip on board.This LED has multiple diodes, each with its own control chip. However, these diodes and chips are placed tightly on a panel that produces a single light source, creating what appears to be a single diode, but in a much larger size. This large size allows COB LED to produce light that covers a large area. The chip, on the other hand, is what controls the diode, telling it how to emit light and being able to change color. However, there are still differences between Cree and COB LED. You will find Cree LED in backlighting, general lighting, electronic signals, and even signs.COB LED is larger in size because it is the entire panel of diodes and is widely used in LED lights, home lighting, kitchens, bathrooms, bars, restaurants, and other high power tools.


What is the difference between COB LED and SMD LED?

The difference between COB and SMD LED is that COB LED has more diodes and can produce a large number of lumens with less energy. As a general rule of thumb, COB LED lights are a higher quality light source. This is because they use reflectors to provide focused and controlled light. In addition, they don't have frosted lenses like SMD LED lights, so you can expect cleaner, clearer light, which makes COB LED lights especially useful in rooms with high ceilings.



Why is COB LED so important when using battery power?

When designing a battery-powered lighting system, there is always a trade-off between high-quality lumen output (i.e. brightness) and the length of battery-powered runtime. Historically, the higher the required high quality lumens, the shorter the run time (assuming you are using the same size batteries). However, with the latest developments in COB LED technology, relatively small and lightweight lithium-ion battery packs can power COB LED-based lighting systems for very long periods of time. This is why COB-based LED lamps are the only real option when designing ultra-bright, ultra-efficient lighting systems.


In summary

chip-on-board LED is the newest and most advanced technology on the market today, with the best prospects for growth. Simply put, COB LED is brighter, consume less power and output a higher quality beam than Cree Light and SMD LED.COB LED is known as higher-end LEDs that give off more of an architectural look, so if you're planning on using your LED downlights for the long haul, then look to COB!Contact us  today to learn more about our COB LED options! and start experiencing their unique benefits.

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