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How to Fix the Led Light does not Light up?

Nov. 21, 2020

With the development of electronic technology, daily lighting keeps up with the trend, adding electronic technology, in order to save energy, the lamp tube also uses LED (light-emitting diode), although LED saves a lot, compared with traditional electric lights, people can't touch it during maintenance. How to repair and replace this kind of LED fluorescent lamp if it is not on or broken? Today, the LED light supplier will introduce the knowledge about LED light replacement and installation.

What should I do if the led light board does not light up?

1. Replace the light strip

If the led light board does not light up, it depends on the specific reason. Generally, the light strip in the led light is damaged or has been aging for a long time. This needs to be replaced with a new led light strip, no need to replace the led light shell. You can look at the picture above. The LED lights above are not working well. The replacement method for this kind of LED lights is to remove the screws, power off the power cord, remove the light strip, and install a new one. That's it.

2. Replace the entire LED light

In other words, the price of the current LED lights is not expensive. Generally, a brand of ordinary led lights is less than 100 yuan, and you can replace a new led light. You don’t have to work hard to replace only one light strip. This replacement method is also simple, Disassemble the old led light and replace it with a new one. If you are worried about the safety of electricity, you can also find an electrician or the property.

Led Light

How to wire led fluorescent lamp?

There is a basic principle for the wiring method of common Led fluorescent lamps. Both the live wire and the neutral wire can be connected, even if the connection is reversed, it will not affect. They are all rectified DC power supply. Normally, as long as the switch is connected to the live wire, the live wire- Switch-led light-zero line, after turning off the power switch, the led light will be out of power, and it is relatively safe and reliable to replace the bulb.

How to deal with the broken led light?

If the LED lamp is broken, the most common way to deal with it is to remove the old one and replace it with a new one. Of course, this is a cheaper one. It is very suitable to replace it. It is not expensive and the replacement cost is not high. However, if it is the kind of more complicated led lights, it is recommended that you replace the corresponding damaged parts. For the replacement of these parts, it is not recommended that people who are not electricians replace it. It is recommended that you find a professional electrician to replace the new led light parts.