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How to Choose the Right LED?

Jun. 09, 2020

Even in a manufacturer's choice, there are a large number of different LEDs, so how can you find the right LED for your solution?

In this article, I will discuss different packages and the facts that will probably have an impact on your selection.

I will divide LED light sources into three categories:



LED module

Before we enter the actual selection, I will study these three categories more carefully.



SMD LEDs are small diodes used in LED modules. They must be assembled on a printed circuit board. Generally speaking, they allow you to design any type of luminaire and allow you to make a uniform light source. On the other hand, SMD LEDs always require them to be assembled on the PCB.



COB=chip on board. COB is a small package that combines many diodes into a light source. The rod-shaped body is usually small and can produce many lumens. You can connect the COB directly to the radiator for excellent thermal management. COB does not need to have a large space in the lamp accessories, so it is very suitable for lamps with small light source space.

LED module

 LED Module

The LED module consists of SMD LED and PCB. Standard modules provided by LED distributors are usually manufactured for common needs. For example, we have linear modules and circular modules of different sizes. These modules have a specific lumen package and remain unchanged from LED generation to another. This allows lighting manufacturers to update their lamps with more efficient LEDs. If you cannot find an LED module suitable for your application, you can always contact the manufacturer and let them design a custom module for you.

Proper lighting can make reading and writing more enjoyable, improve safety, and even have a positive impact on health. Choose the right lighting chip for you. I hope this will help you.