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Features of the COB Getian Full Spectrum Series GT2828 3000K 97CRI LED

Jan. 08, 2020

Undoubtedly, the GT2828 SP1212 LED of the Getian full spectrum cob led series available with a color temperature of 3000K is one of the best today in the Grow LED market. This ideal color temperature for growth and flowering cycles. This is because they offer an interesting range of reds, far reds, without neglecting the entire range of blues. For this reason, it is the most balanced option of all spectra, its versatility makes it High-reliability Plant Grow Color Light for indoor cultivation. On average these LEDs, therefore, offer productions close to 1.8 grams per watt. That is why energy consumption is drastically reduced. This is why more and more professional growers prefer this type of technology.

 Full Spectrum COB LED

It contains 12 × 12 LEDs inside the cob that provide a CRI 97. This index is 97% similar to the spectrum that the sun produces. That is why it produces a more natural growth in plants similar to what a plant would do outside.

The full spectrum GT2828 3000K 97CRI LED produces the most energy in reds with a wavelength of 650-680nm. We all know that it is the photosynthetic zone par excellence of the spectrum. They also have as a special feature that the 700-730nm distant red spectrum area has not been neglected at all to influence the Emmerson effect as much as possible. Therefore, it produces the effect that the two photosystems of the plant work simultaneously and thus increase photosynthetic efficiency.