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Differences Between CREE And COB Led Lights?

Aug. 09, 2021



Many types of lights are constantly being improved to provide greater versatility, more versatility, and more efficient use of electricity. The different types of LEDs are well known, and the difference is easily spotted when they are placed side by side with conventional incandescent lamps. This is because they last 25 times longer than conventional incandescent lamps, and they tend to use less energy.

This article provides important information you need to know when looking for the differences between cree and cob led lights. Depending on the amount of energy you consume, versatility, and energy efficiency, you can tailor your needs to the type of LED lighting system you need to achieve ionic concerts. There are many things that can determine the choice of a particular lighting system. So pay close attention!

What is a CREE LED light?

Cree is an LED lighting technology and one of the most innovative lighting solutions on the market. This lighting technology includes mercury-free LED technology. This technology goes beyond traditional lighting systems that are becoming increasingly obsolete. Cree does have a strong presence in the LED lighting, LED, RF (radio frequency) applications, and some semiconductor product markets. Let us help you find the best LED product for your needs. Contact us today or visit our website to learn more about LED products.

Cree's products include

Green and blue LED chips

LED bulbs and luminaires

Lighting-grade power LEDs

LEDs with high brightness


Power switching devices

These products are facilitating innovative applications in areas such as backlighting, general lighting, solar inverters, and power supplies, electronic signals, and signs.


 COB LEDs     

In shatterproof, durable housings, modern Cree lamps can provide

460 lumens instead of 40W

815 lumens instead of 60W

This is suitable for soft white (2700 Kelvin) and daylight (5000 Kelvin). They use about 85% less energy than they should over their lifetime.


What is a COB LED light?

Chip-on-Board (commonly known as COB) is an LED-style system that features multiple LED chips mounted directly on top of a substrate to produce an LED system with individual modules. These numerous LEDs are small in size, and they are packaged and wired together to form a single copper or ceramic plate, allowing them to act as a single light source.

The energization of the packaged COBs gives them the appearance of an illuminated panel rather than many individual lights, as seen in some types of PLED packages. This is similar to many CREE's that are installed and used at the same time. There are detailed explanations in the article "What Is COB LED?".You can click to learn more.


COB LED     

What is the difference between CREE and COB LED lights?

The main or most obvious difference between the two LEDs is most apparent in their physical appearance. CREE LED lighting systems have a larger size and a wider PCB area than their COB counterparts. Both LEDs generate a lot of heat when in use. This is obviously due to the technology or mechanism by which they define them. Improper heat transfer can significantly shorten the life of the lamp. By becoming wider and larger, CREE can dissipate more heat into the environment.


Another difference between the two lighting systems is the quality of light they produce. Although they are both high-end lighting solutions, they do not have the same quality of light, although this may not be apparent to the untrained eye. COB packages use an integrated style scheme. This means that it is an area light source that produces a large viewing angle.


Another advantage of this is that it is not difficult to reduce and change light refraction losses using the COB system. On the other hand, the CREE system consists of many different units that are trapped in the PCB board. This can be advantageous as far as brightness is concerned.

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