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What is the difference between SMD spotlight and LED?

Apr. 15, 2020

Since the LED lights went on the market a few years ago, they have undergone some evolutionary changes, improving various aspects of performance.

One of the most important steps is the emergence of SMD technology-short for surface mount equipment.

There are many reasons for its importance-we will now look at some of them.

Improve energy efficiency

One of the biggest improvements is that SMD spotlights provide higher lumen output, which reduces energy consumption and makes them more powerful and energy-efficient than older LED lights.

This is because their working principle is that larger and larger SMD LEDs produce greater lumen output. Let us see how this works in practice.

Dimmable 6W 27 SMD GU10 LED bulb, as the name suggests, contains 27 SMDs. It has a maximum brightness of 450 lumens and uses 6 watts.

Now compare it with 2.5W 48 SMD GU10 LED bulb, which has 48 SMD. The brightness here is 268 lumens and the power consumption is 2.5 watts.

As you can see, the bulb with less SMD manages to get a higher lumen count-the the first bulb manages 16.67 lumens per SMD, while the second example only has 5.58 lumens per SMD, despite having more SMD.

But it is worth remembering that there is no industry standard for this rule, and no two manufacturers follow the same principles.

What is the difference between SMD spotlight and LED?cid=12

Wide beam angle

SMD spotlights also solved an early criticism of LEDs a few years ago that their light was too concentrated and spread poorly.

Generally, the beam angle of SMD bulbs is 120 degrees, even more than most halogen bulbs.

Longer life

The service life of SMD LEDs has also been greatly improved. The standard GU10 LED bulb can be used for 30,000 hours, but our 3030 SMD led will last 50,000 hours!

So suppose you use an average of 8 hours a day. A 30,000-hour light bulb will allow you to use it for more than 10 years, but a 50,000-hour light bulb far exceeds this point, and continues to shine for more than 17 years!

Now think about if you use SMD LEDs throughout your house-this greatly reduces maintenance costs and ensures that you spend less on replacing the bulb.

Another benefit of SMD is that they are surface mounted and lie flat with the bulb surface.

Ultimately this means that our SMD spotlights are compatible with all halogen lamps and have a very stylish look.

Considering all these factors, SMD LEDs may be worth considering as a "second generation" LED lamp, which makes the technology more versatile and more suitable for competing with more traditional lighting solutions.

If you want to use high-performance light bulbs to reduce basic energy costs, then our SMD spotlights are definitely your ideal choice, please contact us.