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Jun. 04, 2021

You like your LED lights because they last longer and are more efficient than older fluorescent bulbs. In addition, these bulbs are safer and less expensive to maintain.

However, not all LED lights are alike.

The reality is, there are two kinds of LED downlights: the chip on board, or COB, LED and the surface mount diode, or SMD, LED.


Both types of downlights produce high quality light. And you can expect both lights to last a long time and remain highly efficient. However, they also offer unique advantages.

Below we'll take a look at the differences between COB LEDs and SMD LEDs and which one might be best for your home or business. Next, the COB LED supplier will share the following content with you.




COB LED lamps to have a single-mounted LED chip. Since all of the LEDs in this light are concentrated in one area, more cooling capacity is required.

For this reason, you will see a large heat sink in that area to dissipate the heat. This heatsink is usually made of aluminum.

The large size of the heatsink may result in the cost of COB LEDs being a little higher than SMD LEDs.



While COB LEDs are efficient, SMD LEDs have a higher level of efficiency. This is because they can produce more lumens per watt.

In other words, you can get more light for less wattage.

SMD LEDs also produce a wider beam, which means the light doesn't need a large heat sink like COB LEDs. As a result, SMD LEDs may cost less. In addition, these lights have frosted reflectors on them to evenly spread the light and hide the chip array inside the bulb.



Why choose COB LEDs?

As a general rule of thumb, COB LED lamps are a higher quality light source. This is because they use reflectors to provide focused and controlled light. In addition, they do not have the frosted lenses that SMD LED lamps to have.

The result? You can expect cleaner, clearer light. This makes COB LED lights especially useful in rooms with high ceilings.


COB LEDs are known as higher-end LEDs that give off a more architectural look, so if you plan to live with your LED downlights for the long term, then take a look at COBs, and if you're investing in a property installation, then SMDs will do the job.


Why choose SMD LEDs?

Also, as mentioned earlier, if you are interested in having your light flooded in a large area, SMD LED lights are a good choice. For example, you can use them in a bathroom, kitchen, or bedroom. However, these lights do have more glare compared to their COB LED counterparts.

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