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Applications of LED Modules

Jul. 14, 2021

If you haven't heard of LED modules, then you don't know what you're missing! Originally designed for advertising signage and channel letters, they are now equally suitable for many other lighting applications, both indoors and outdoors. As you may already know, LED lighting technology is rapidly replacing older incandescent and fluorescent forms due to its greater efficiency and longevity, and LED modules are no exception. They're versatile, too! Because each module is connected by leads, they are very easy to cut and reconnect for almost any project. Read on to learn more about these lights and the wonderful benefits they offer.


Applications of LED Light Modules 

As we have seen, LED modules are commonly used to illuminate outdoor advertising and other store signage, however, it is also suitable for many other home lighting applications, including.


An outdoor deck or patio lighting

Outdoor landscape and accent lighting

Strip lighting in cabinets, cupboards, drawers, and other narrow spaces that are not well lit

Strip lighting in bathrooms - such as along the sides of a bathtub or lining the sides of a bathroom mirror; they provide a nice decorative touch and allow you to achieve customization

Mood lighting in this, your own private sanctuary

Lighting elements of your car or other vehicle's dashboard or engine compartment

Reading or night lights - if you need a small, focused light to read or study at night, LED modules are the perfect choice

 Multi-Color RGBW LED Module

Multi-Color RGBW LED Module

Multi-Color RGBW LED Module:high Power Intensity with small LES, high light density optimized color-mixing

Application of Multi-Color RGBW LED Module: Entertainment lighting, architectural lighting, stage lighting projection, event lighting, etc. If you want to get more information about high-quality LED modules wholesale, welcome to contact us today or request a quote.

LED light modules are very discreet and easy to hide, but nonetheless, they can create striking lighting effects for exterior and interior applications. This makes them ideal if you want a small accent light, or to illuminate the area under the dashboard, or the engine compartment, or your car or another vehicle.


And because the lights that make up the modules are connected by leads, they are easy to cut and reconnect in a variety of ways - in fact, with LED light modules, you can create virtually any lighting pattern you want, and you can re-work them to meet the requirements of any particular home project you have in mind!


Different types of LED light modules

There are a variety of LED modules on the market, and they can be categorized in many different ways, whether it's by color, form, CCT, module efficiency, package type, luminous flux, or whether the module includes an integrated power supply. For example, when it comes to "form", the most common forms of LED modules are round and rectangular. LED module "flux" or brightness ranges from 105 lumens to about 6000 lumens (the most common numbers are 800 lumens, 1100 lumens, 2000 lumens, or 3000 lumens); in terms of module efficiency, some of the common values here are In terms of module efficiency, some common values here are 10.8 lumens per watt, 55 lumens per watt, 97 lumens per watt and 98 lumens per watt.


Some other common categories of LED light modules for signage and advertising include


Side LED modules: used to provide illumination for large signage cabinets

Back LED modules: These LED modules are used for internally illuminated light boxes and channel letters

Flexible LED strips: Flexible LED strips can be easily cut and reassembled into different shapes, making them ideal for complex wording and design of illuminated signs and acrylic channel letters

As mentioned earlier, some LED light modules have their own independent power source (e.g. in the form of a battery), while other LED light modules must be connected to an external power source in order to operate. Needless to say, if you equip yourself with a self-contained unit with its own power supply, you can have more flexibility in placing your LED light modules than if you purchase a unit that requires an external power supply.


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