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Applications And Features of UVC

Nov. 11, 2019

The curing high power UV LED factory explains the application and characteristics of UV LED for you.

UVC Applications:
Purification/Disinfection/Sterilization (water, healthcare, food, air)
Water: water treatment, water quality monitoring, ultrapure water generation, drinking water disinfection
Air: Aire quality, Infectious disease control
Food: Food Processing, Sterilization in home appliances
Healthcare: Sterilization, Medical Instrumentation
Disinfection, Phototherapy, Fluorescent Spectroscopy, Sensor Light
Bio-Analysis / Detection, Counterfeit Detectors, etc
Ink Curing
Sensor System
Nail Curing
Fluorescence Detection
Analytical instruments

High Optical Power UV Light Diode

High Optical Power UV Light Diode Features:

3535 6868 Compact, Slim Size, Light-weight SMD PKG
Higher forward current 80mA is available
275nm 280nm, 310nm deep Robust deep UVC light source
Radiant power: 2-5mW
Imported Japan Ceramic Substrate with high reliability, quartz glass cover
low power consumption, low thermal resistance
Lifespan: 50% aging after 10000hours.
UV Disinfection Principle (UVC LED Water Sterilizer):
When exposing micro-organisms to UVC light, the light penetrates their cell walls and disrupts their DNA molecule structure, 
prohibiting reproduction. And because UV disinfection doesn't rely on chemicals or filtration materials, it can be used effectively
and safely in many applications including water and air disinfection.
Product Model: GT-DUV275  GT-DUV310