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Application of 5050 LED in LED Light Strip

May. 20, 2020

LED strip lighting can be made with many different types of LED chips.

5050 LED chip

Measuring 50mm x 50mm, 5050smd is greater than 3528smd. These dimensions mean that each 5050 SMD is large enough to accommodate four independent LED chips (sometimes called "quad LEDs").

5050 LED chips are usually used for 60 LED strip lights per meter, pulling 14.4 watts at 24 volts (commonly called 14.4w / m or 15w / m LED strips). According to different colors, the output power of this tape is about 990-1080 lumens per meter, which will produce a smooth and bright effect when shining on the surface.

5050 LED available colors are:

Hot white and cold white (other requirements can be produced on request)

Red, green, blue and amber monochrome

There are also color variations-RGB or RGBW (red, green, blue, white), using "tri" / "quad" chips (three or four LED chips).

This 60 SMD p / m 5050 LED strip light is usually used for general lighting applications, such as corridor lighting, replacing fluorescent tube lighting, in homes, bars, restaurants, hotels and other locations.

5050 LED

5050 SMDs LED for RGB LED strip lighting

The 5050 SMD is actually a "tri" chip, which means it has three smaller chips in each SMD. So there are actually three white chips in each white LED.

5050s can also be used for LED color-changing tape. Each LED has three colors of chips: red, green, and blue. By connecting this type of RGB LED lighted controller, you can mix any shade of any color you choose. (RGBW tape is similar to this, but uses a "quadrupole" led, plus a white chip).

There are two types of RGB 5050 LED lights:

30 light-emitting diodes per meter (called 7.2w / m or 7.5w / m light-emitting diode bands) output up to 500 lumens/meter, making them ideal lighting devices for homes, hotels, restaurants and bars.

60 light-emitting diodes per meter (also known as 14.4w / m or 15w / m light-emitting diodes) can produce 1000 lumens of light-emitting diodes per meter, suitable for full scrubbing on the front of the bar, the back of the bar, restaurants, clubs or homes.

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